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Hi there, my name is Mike, a digital Illustrator from the UK; I create artworks within the fantasy and sci-fi genre. My visual style attempts to capture a believable fantasy, full of detail, power and atmosphere. My work is often published as book covers and interior illustrations, but can also be found within roleplaying rulebooks, collectable trading card games and other fantasy related products.

I work freelance and welcome commission enquiries. Please use this E-MAIL link, or the site header navigation, to contact me and describe the artwork you require. I will be in touch to discuss your project, answer any queries and set a fee for the work. I hope to become a part of your endeavours, thank you for your interest in my art.

- Mike Nash.

"Mike is professional, constructive and illuminating. He incorporates feedback, moreover, making artful choices which elevates the image further, to a level I unimagined. This collaborative spirit makes working with him wholly satisfying."

- Jeffrey B. Palmer, Writer & Director.

"The detail is incredible! What I wouldn't give to be able to draw even just 10% of what you can accomplish. I wish to become someone who can follow and execute their inspiration as deeply as you continue to do. You've gained a new fan!"

- Anonymous, YouTube Fan.

"My commission took Mike out of his comfort zone, yet he delivered a stunning, sweeping artwork that captures many elements from my latest novel. His dramatic and atmospheric interpretation has drawn much attention and praise."

- Adam C. Browne, Author.

Golden Idol


Smaug The Magnificent

Faun Herald

Abednedo Colonist

Encounter On Forge




Goblin Taskmaster

Jabba The Hutt

Kylo Ren




Dark Hearted Huorn

The One Ring



Chaos Witch

Medical Droid

Verpine Tinkerer

Mon Calamari Engineer

Empire Assassin